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Surveillance System Interface

On the Mark Solutions’ (OTMS) video surveillance system facilitates a data feed of POS operations in real time. The data feed, paired with the video feed, includes information about every function that occurs at each POS station. This is typically then displayed as an overlay on the video surveillance system that can be viewed by the vendor in real time. The added detail of what actions are being taken provides an extra layer of security in transactions.

OTMS video surveillance system is designed with a plug in architecture that allows companies to develop their own data feed using different protocols. The type of information and how it is received can be altered to fit many systems. Add link

Example of video surveillance system displaying data coming from a POS system.

How it works

OTMS’ video surveillance system sends a data feed to an IP address/port designated by the vendor in a specified format. The vendor consumes that data as an overlay on a video monitor displaying the surveillance camera feed in real time. Most POS actions are currently supported by our system including opening and closing checks, change due, cash drawer open/close, etc.. This system is commonly used in restaurants and bars but can be installed anywhere with a compatible POS and video surveillance system.