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Promotions Interfaces

On the Mark Solutions’ (OTMS) promotions interface works with a promotional kiosk application such as Everi-trilogy or MGT, and a casino’s POS system to facilitate the redemption of self issued comps, coupons, or other promotional/marketing offers. With many casinos using kiosks to allow patrons to earn ‘self-issued’ offers based on their play this interface allows those offers to then be redeemed at Simphony POS workstations. This facilitates a paperless environment for offer management and redemption at casinos.

How It Works

The OTMS promotions interface makes the redemption process simple. The cashier presses a button and swipes a player card for player lookup. Our interface communicates with the promotional application to get a list of available offers along with their value for goods and services at POS. These offers that the player received at the kiosk can then be applied to purchases.