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OTMS Reports

The OTMS Enterprise Reporting Module was designed to offer Simphony customers the ability to generate and export a variety of detailed reports from their POS system. As many customers migrate to Simphony POS from RES, they lose many of their reporting capabilities. OTMS Enterprise Reports offers RES style reports including flattened tenders and discounts allowing for consistent placement of particular tenders. Reports can be configured to draw from multiple subject areas, and may even include multiple subject areas on one report. 

As with most OTMS interfaces the base software is configured to fit each unique customer environment and meet your needs. With OTMS Enterprise Reports we also offer an end user designer for completely customized reports including grouping, filter, sorting and formulae. The reports designer can be purchased at an enterprise level for our more technically advanced customers and resellers to develop entirely custom report templates to offer their properties. 


How It Works

OTMS Enterprise Reports uses a web application to generate the POS reports. Within the web app you can manage which employees have access to certain reports by setting different permissions for each user. The reports tab allows you to set your parameters and view your report with real time data from the data source. The interface offers reports from multiple data sources including Oracle's CnC and BI APIs, the OTMS Transaction Detail DB, and more. Reports can then be exported to various file formats including PDF, CSV, XLS, and more. 

The possibilities are endless when it comes to what types of reports may be generated, you may view some example reports here. This solution was created with extensibility in mind. Future updates will be driven by client needs and may include even more new features and report types.