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Liquor Dispensing System Interface

The On the Mark solutions (OTMS) liquor dispensing interface allows for consistency and convenience in every pour. The Simphony extensibility interface that we provide bridges the gap between your POS system and your liquor dispensing wand to ensure each pour is accounted for on an open check. This system prevents undercharging and over pouring. We offer a couple configurations that allow servers and bartenders to communicate the way that best suits your establishment.

Our LDS interface is in place in many bars, casinos, stadiums, and resorts around the country. Our software is made to fit your needs and ensure accuracy and ease throughout a busy night of operations.

Example of a cocktail tower and bar gun distributed by Easybar and bottle ring distributed by Berg.

How It Works

The interface that we provide as a Simphony extensibility interface works with your existing POS system and liquor dispensing method such as those provided by Easybar and Berg and gives the systems the ability to communicate without relying on employees to connect each pour with the corresponding check. The system eliminates the effect of human error on profits by ensuring each drink is accurately poured and charged.

Our interface works with a variety of dispensing methods such as a bar gun, bottle rings, or towers. An adaptor cord will connect the LDS control unit to the micros terminal to allow the systems to communicate. We have 2 main configuration options available to customize the LDS to your business needs.


A unique feature of our interface we call the “pre-check” mode. With pre-check the POS expects that items already exist on the check when the pours are received from the ECU. This works because the ECU will know to reject pours if the item is not already entered on the check. This way the bartender does not have to be solely responsible for connecting each pour to a specific check. They can confidently use the LDS knowing that any pours that aren’t paid for would be stopped ahead of time. Another perk of our pre-check feature is that it makes for cleaner looking checks as it eliminates the previous steps between taking the order and adding the correct charge to the check. The pre-check feature allows bartenders to work faster and ensures there is no waste or profit loss coming from overpouring or making drinks that aren’t yet accounted for on the POS.

The second configuration that we offer and currently the most common is the direct mode. With this mode the POS is expecting to ring up the items automatically/immediately based on what is received from the ECU. This ensures that the cocktail being poured is the exact item being charged on the POS. In direct mode the items are added to the open check as the bartender pours the drinks. Direct mode simplifies communication by making sure every drink poured can be viewed on the POS, and when all checks are closed, you can be certain that each pour was paid for.