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Gaming Interfaces

On the Mark Solutions’ (OTMS) casino management interfaces facilitate integration between a casino management system (CMS) and Simphony POS. OTMS currently supports 5 casino management interfaces, Konami, AristocratIGT, CasinoTrac, and Envoy (Light and Wonder). These interfaces provide a variety of features that streamline casino operations. They allow POS users to get information about a player and redeem their gaming system benefits in real time, as well as removing the need for paper comps facilitating a paperless establishment.

Functions supported by OTMS’ casino management interfaces include:

Player lookup

Player information including their name, account status, rating/tier level, etc., can be found via the POS terminal. This feature also allows for an image of the player to be shown on the screen.

Redemption of player offers/coupons

The redemption of marketing offers often sent via mail/email/mobile app is supported by OTMS’ gaming interfaces.

Redemption of player “points”

Points earned, commonly from casino slot play, can be redeemed for goods and services such as food and beverage or spa services.

Application of discounts based on player tier

Discounts based on player tier may be applied to various purchases within the Simphony POS system.

Redemption of player comps

Comps given to players under varying circumstances, sometimes referred to as ‘discretionary comps’ may be redeemed

Player ratings / “earn”

The ability to award players additional points for ‘non-comp spend’, spending using cash or credit card.

How It Works

POS users select a button for whichever function they would like to use and then must swipe a player card or manually enter the player number. The POS terminal then securely communicates with the CMS API to get information and send any redemptions to the account. This system redeems points and offers in real-time so that once a guest uses a certain benefit that redemption is immediately recorded and they are unable to redeem them again. This eliminates the need for paper comps to be printed and collected at the time of use, reducing the establishment’s paper use.

The 3 casino management interfaces Konami, Aristocrat, and IGT all provide similar features, with slight differences to best work with the casino management system in place. OTMS’ gaming interfaces, although most commonly used in casinos, can be adapted to other establishments and have been used in satellite operations such as gas station/convenience stores and golf operations.


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