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Text and Email Receipts

On the Mark Solutions (OTMS) created a Simphony interface that gives POS systems the ability to send digital receipts. Digital receipts are growing in popularity as a way of saving paper and keeping receipts organized digitally as opposed to accumulating an excess of physical copies. This interface provides the option of email or text receipts that look exactly like a printed out check would, not including any graphic logos.

How It Works

The Simphony interface that OTMS provides uses a customer provided account to send receipts via text or email. Our interface works with Twililo API to enable the SMS feature. Currently, the POS operator enters a phone number or email address at the POS to instantly send a digital receipt to the customer at the time the check is closed. In the future, OTMS will be releasing a rear-facing customer display to allow customers to enter their own information.

OTMS’ digital receipts interface can be extended to do more than just receipts. The interface can be utilized for any customer notifications. For example, when there is a wait for a table at a restaurant this interface can be extended by OTMS with custom programming to send out notifications when a table is ready.

Watch a video demo here: 



This interface allows you to send text and email receipts, with full check detail, directly from your POS devices in place of or along with traditional paper receipts.