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Frequently we hear from prospective customers who have not done their due diligence on their ideas.  With OTMS position in the market, we can quickly evaluate a concept and provide feedback.  At a sales meeting with Oracle a few years ago our President Mark Tutt told the attending salespeople not to worry about sending him people with big dreams.  “I hear at most 1 or 2 truly new ideas a year, the rest I can generally tell them the competitors they are not aware of or the companies that have tried their idea and subsequently gone out of business.  But I’ve got to talk to a lot of dreamers to get to the 1 or 2.”

Many vendors want to get their offerings into the Oracle Hospitality Marketplace, but the process can be challenging and the development learning curve daunting. The senior developers at On the Mark Solutions have each been doing POS integration work on these platforms for more than 20 years. By working with On the Mark Solutions we are able to bring all of that experience to your POS product development project.