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You likely have legacy interfaces you need to work on your new POS system. Many POS customers have some degree of customization done when they originally have their system installed.

Unfortunately, these items are frequently missed when changing to a new system, as they’ve been in place with the old system for so long nobody remembers that they are custom. The new system salesperson is focused on core functionality and IT is focused on the major interfaces like credit cards, property management, gift cards, etc.

Something quite commonly encountered are custom discount interfaces managing a particular scenario that wasn’t able to be configured in the old system. Things like this Buy One Get One 50% off option for speciality sushi rolls all done via custom scripting.

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Another example is something like what is shown below, where the operation this was used in had servers ring unpriced crab and lobster items and then the kitchen weighed the item for the order and rang the actual priced item. This custom function was used to prevent printing the guest check without the counts of priced/non-priced items matching, and the fact that the new system didn’t do this for them was completely missed when upgrading.

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Other examples would be various discount tracking systems, sales & admin charging systems, custom check and order device printing implementations, etc.

Our team of developers at On the Mark Solutions are experts at reviewing your existing systems and implementing replacements to ensure a smooth transition to a new POS system. With this service you can keep your customized features working without losing the operational features and functionality of your existing customizations.