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Our Services

Legacy Interface Review & Porting Services

You likely have legacy interfaces you need to work on your new POS system. Many POS customers have some degree of customization done when they originally have their system installed.

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Custom Development

If one of our previously designed solutions doesn’t accomplish your goal, we can develop a custom feature for you. POS systems can do so much more than what is available with the core model.

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Hospitality Integration Consulting

Our team of developers here at On the Mark Solutions are experts in integration. If you have a product that you need integrated into hospitality systems we can assist with expert advice and development services to implement a solution that meets your needs.

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Product Development

A common saying in product development is “Ideas Are Cheap, Execution Is Everything”. People come up with ideas for product offerings that they simply lack the expertise to implement and just need to talk to an industry expert to determine if it’s viable.

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