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OTMS has made it possible to add all manner of custom information to a check, and use that to visualize the information on the POS for enhanced functionality like this custom open check SLU.
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The Alcohol Control interface is a custom Simphony extension application developed by OTMS for Civeo to solve a unique requirement for Australian mining operations. Mining operations in Australia are often small villages of their own. Miners live and work in these developments so extra precautions need to be taken to manage risks. The Simphony POS system is extended to include an alcohol portion count for each alcoholic item in the system and when an alcohol item is sold the employee’s ID is sc...
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OTMS has done a lot of custom development work for the hospitality industry over the years. We like hearing unique ideas for addressing your business needs with technology and can advise you based on decades of experience doing this type of work.
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The hospitality industry has undergone a profound transformation in recent years, driven by a trend towards cloud-based technology and automation. One area where innovation is particularly crucial is in systems integration. Custom software development is becoming a must for the hospitality industry, empowering businesses to meet the evolving needs of customers and adapt to a changing marketplace.
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On the Mark Solutions has designed a custom Simphony interface that is now in use by a large multi-regional casino enterprise. The solution that OTMS developed is based on a new implementation of the OTMS Sim File Service application used for these types of interfaces in RES and 9700.
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