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OTMS has done a lot of custom development work for the hospitality industry over the years. We like hearing unique ideas for addressing your business needs with technology and can advise you based on decades of experience doing this type of work.
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The hospitality industry has undergone a profound transformation in recent years, driven by a trend towards cloud-based technology and automation. One area where innovation is particularly crucial is in systems integration. Custom software development is becoming a must for the hospitality industry, empowering businesses to meet the evolving needs of customers and adapt to a changing marketplace.
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We’ve recently been working with a company that operates more than 50 different restaurants with RES systems today.  After starting to investigate configuring a new system they came to OTMS to request some way to export information from the 3700 database to allow them to see what was in use as an alternative to filling out lots of site survey spreadsheets.
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The OTMS Liquor Dispensing System Interface was one of the first Simphony extensibility products we developed following the Oracle acquisition of Micros.  The interface was necessary for the gaming market as many casino clients use liquor dispensing hardware to help manage liquor costs or to track usage for taxes on comp drinks.
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This is going to be a long post... I'm a software developer/consultant who works too much, exercises too little and loves good food, wine and rum cocktails. If I get the slightest chance to get away from the winter in Wisconsin I am on my way to the Caribbean, there is an map on my office wall with pins in all of the islands I've gotten to so far. I tend to go back to St. Martin and Anguilla a lot as thus far they are my favorites.
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