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Custom Interface Enhancements

All of our OTMS gaming interfaces cover your basic needs right out of the box. They create a bridge between Simphony and your casino player management system. That connection allows you to get information about a player and redeem their gaming system benefits right at the POS station. But sometimes you still need a little something extra, that’s where custom development comes in.

We are always developing entirely new, custom integrations for our customers. However in many cases, a completely unique interface is not necessary. When you are looking for a feature that is not included in the base systems, our interfaces can be modified to meet your needs.

A recent project with Rivers Casino Portsmouth is an example of this type of customer driven interface enhancement. The casino needed a notification to inform the POS operator when the player card swiped belongs to a banned or self-barred patron. We were able to achieve this with modifications to their existing OTMS Konami Synkros API Interface for Simphony.

Screenshot2024-06-21...  image(1)

Typical Konami Player Lookup (left)                                                           Casino Barred Konami Player Lookup (right)

To achieve this functionality we modified the existing OTMS Konami interface which uses the Konami Synkros SSB V1 API to make a new call to the Konami SSBv2 endpoint in order to retrieve the patron status. When the patron status appears as casino barred or self barred their interface now displays a warning to the POS operator. 

Most of the systems we interface with today are large, complex systems with rich data models enabling more functionality and information than is typically needed and therefore isn’t built into the standard interfaces.  But with custom feature development we can expand upon the standard functionality to tailor a standard interface to your specific business needs.

For custom enhancements email sales@onthemarksolutions.net


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