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OTMS developed a custom solution for alcohol control in Australian mines

The Alcohol Control interface is a custom Simphony extension application developed by OTMS for Civeo to solve a unique requirement for Australian mining operations.

The mining industry is a huge part of the Australian economy. The Australian mining industry employs hundreds of thousands of people and generates billions of dollars in value for the country. Mining operations in Australia are often small villages of their own. Miners live and work in these developments so extra precautions need to be taken to manage risks.

To manage the risks of alcohol consumption in this environment, the operations need to control alcohol consumption for each employee on site.  The Simphony POS system is extended to include an alcohol portion count for each alcoholic item in the system and when an alcohol item is sold the employee’s ID must be scanned.  The system shows the number of alcohol servings that have been sold to the employee in the current period. It then calculates the current number of servings used in the period and determines if the purchase is allowed or not.  If it is not, the item cannot be added to the check, unless authorized by a manager.


The API reads/writes data from the SQL database and serves the Extension App and the Web App.

To minimize challenges with network connectivity from remote mining locations the application is designed to run locally at each mine.  A MS-SQL database is used for configuring the rules, alcoholic drink counts and the employee data. A Vue web app serves as an employee administration tool with role based security which is used to manage the employee list so that it can be accessed remotely when needed.  This system also includes detailed reporting on consumption, allowing review of all details of the alcohol purchases on site.

The Oracle Hospitality Simphony POS system together with custom feature development by OTMS allows for a tightly integrated to this unique business need for which there were no canned solutions.


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