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POS Integrations to Improve Customer Experience

The goal of the hospitality industry is to provide guests with an enjoyable experience. There are many factors that contribute to the overall customer experience. Employee attitude; quality of goods or services; clean, modern establishments; and perhaps the newest piece of this equation, easy to use, reliable technology. There are various systems required to operate a successful hotel, restaurant, or casino. Property, casino, and retail management software as well as marketing, security, and automation features all have to work together with the POS system to provide the best experience possible. The POS system is the common factor in nearly all hospitality operations. 

Over the years at On the Mark Solutions (OTMS) we have developed an extensive list of POS interfaces that ensure all of your systems work together seamlessly to provide your guests with an enjoyable experience. Technology is ever changing. This can be a hindrance or an advantage, described below are some of the ways our interfaces help you use new technology to your advantage. 

Redeem Casino Player Rewards at the POS Station

OTMS has Simphony interfaces to a variety of casino management systems including IGT, Konami, Aristocrat, Light and Wonder, and CasinoTrac. When you use an OTMS interface, guests can earn and redeem points using just a player card or player number without having to keep track of paper coupons. Our gaming interfaces allow POS users to get information about a player and redeem their gaming system benefits in real time.

Digital Receipts and Order Notifications

The OTMS Digital Receipts interface gives your POS system the ability to send digital receipts. Customers can provide a phone number or email address to receive their receipt and avoid accumulating an excess of paper receipts. The Digital Receipts interface can be paired with our OTMS Order Status Board interface to send the customer order ready notifications. Customers can relax at a table or continue on with their activities rather than waiting at a counter for their food to be ready. 

To take it a step further, this particular interface combo has been becoming extremely popular in kiosk environments. Particularly in food court settings, guests can order at a self service kiosk and count on receiving a digital copy of their itemized receipt and updates on their order status as it is confirmed and ready for pickup. We also have the option of adding a marketing opt-in message to the screen so you can use the same SMS and email system to send marketing advertisements to your customers.

Membership Interfaces

OTMS has developed many membership interfaces over the years, from complex customer loyalty systems which offer discounts, rewards and special marketing offers to club membership interfaces supporting charging to a member account.  These types of systems can help build guest loyalty by rewarding them for their patronage.

In return, restaurant operators can gather information as to the habits of their regular customers regarding visit frequency, items ordered and effective marketing campaigns.

We are constantly developing new products at OTMS to connect new systems and add unique features to the POS system. If you have an idea for an interface that could improve your customer experience reach out to sales@onthemarksolutions.net.


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