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Sign in to Oracle-MICROS Simphony POS Using Employee ID Badges

Lance Emerich | 25 Sep, 2023 |

In the fast-paced world of the hospitality and restaurant industry, efficiency and ease of use are most important. Ensuring that your Simphony Point of Sale (POS) system is accessible and user-friendly for your employees is crucial for maintaining a smooth operation. Managing multiple credentials and authentication processes can be cumbersome. This is where OTMS comes into play, streamlining the authentication process by enabling employees to sign in using their existing employee ID badges instead of using Oracle-MICROS Employee ID Cards.

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The Challenge of Multiple Authentication Methods

Traditionally, Oracle-MICROS Simphony POS users have relied on a combination of methods to sign in. While Oracle-MICROS Employee ID Cards have been commonly used for authentication, employees also carry separate Employee ID Badges for use with Time-Keeping and other systems. This dual authentication process can be inconvenient, leading to delays and potential errors in the busy environment of restaurants, casinos, and hotels. Moreover, it adds to the administrative overhead of issuing and managing these credentials.

Streamlining Authentication with OTMS

OTMS offers a solution to this challenge by simplifying the authentication process. OTMS’ Employee Badge Extension Application is designed to integrate seamlessly with Oracle-MICROS Simphony POS, making it possible to use your existing employee ID badges for signing into Oracle-MICROS Simphony POS.

How OTMS’ Employee Badge Extension Application Works:

1. **Integration**: OTMS integrates with your existing Oracle-MICROS Simphony POS system, ensuring a seamless transition to the new authentication process.
2. **Badge Registration**: Employees' existing Employee ID Badges are registered in the Simphony POS system in the same way that Oracle-MICROS Employee ID Cards are today, associating them with the respective user profiles in Oracle-MICROS Simphony POS.
3. **Magnetic Stripe Reader**: OTMS’ Employee Badge Extension Application uses the same internal magnetic stripe reader (MSR) that you use now to read the magnetic stripes on the back of the employee badges, utilizing that data for sign-in instead of the Oracle-MICROS Employee ID Card.
4. **Secure Authentication**: When employees need to sign in to Oracle-MICROS Simphony POS, they simply swipe their Employee ID Badge through the MSR. Simphony authenticates the user by matching the badge's magnetic stripe data with the registered user profile, granting access upon verification.

Benefits of Using OTMS’ Employee Badge Extension Application for Authentication:
1. **Efficiency**: Eliminate the need for separate Oracle-MICROS Employee ID Cards, streamlining the sign-in process and simplifying new employee on-boarding process.
2. **Cost-Effective**: Save on the cost of issuing and maintaining two different types of credentials.
3. **Enhanced Security**: Magnetic stripe authentication enhances security by ensuring that only authorized employees can access the POS system.
4. **User-Friendly**: Employees appreciate the convenience of using their existing badges, making their daily routines more simple, and reducing the learning curve associated with multiple authentication methods.
5. **Administrative Ease**: Simplify credential management with a unified system, reducing administrative workload.

OTMS offers a practical solution to the challenge of managing multiple authentication methods in Oracle-MICROS Simphony POS. By allowing employees to sign in using their existing Employee ID Badges, the OTMS Employee Badge Extension Application streamlines the authentication process, enhancing efficiency, security, and user satisfaction. In an industry where every second counts, embracing such innovations can make a significant difference in delivering exceptional service and optimizing operations.

Upgrade your POS system with OTMS’ Employee Badge Extension Application and empower your employees to access Oracle-MICROS Simphony POS with ease.


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