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Custom Work With the OTMS SIM File Service

On the Mark Solutions has designed a custom Simphony interface that is now in use by a large multi-regional casino enterprise. This company was looking for a solution that would allow them to handle both employee charges and player capture for marketing purposes.

The solution that OTMS developed is based on a new implementation of the OTMS Sim File Service application used for these types of interfaces in RES and 9700. The interface service was rewritten in C# with the Microsoft .NET Framework as a Windows service supporting a custom SIM message handler to allow for validating account information.

Now, a POS operator can easily apply employee charges via a touchscreen key where they are prompted to enter the employee number or scan their ID. The service reads from an Employees DB that is managed by each site and allows for easy management of active users. The service then writes each transaction to another DB to allow for the site’s finance team to easily access and track all employee charges.

The other feature of this implementation is the custom player capture feature which allows for a POS operator to swipe a player’s card to capture them into the DB for marketing and player tracking via a simple touchscreen key. This implementation is an old but reliable approach to interfaces that do not require extensive storage of transaction information or the display of detailed account information.

The OTMS SIM File service can be licensed by third party developers who want to use the SIM programming language (SIM Programming Manual) built into Simphony to implement similar functionality.
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