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Interface Update: OTMS Accounts V2

The OTMS Accounts interface for Simphony was designed to provide a fully functional in-house charging program for any business using Oracle Hospitality products. The interface is currently in use in the original form in hundreds of locations and a variety of different business models. We have used feedback and requests from our current customers to design a new version of this interface, OTMS Accounts V2. 

OTMS Accounts V2 has all of the features included in the original along with many improvements and new features. New enhancements and features include: 


The interface was originally designed only as a charge to account system. V2 will allow you to offer employee discounts that can be easily redeemed at the POS workstation and managed through the web application. 

Added Report Viewer

With the updated interface you can now view pre-generated reports quickly and easily. 

New End-User Report Designer

Clients can design their own reports to include specific data. View a brief video here

Signature Line

A signature line can be added to tenders. This is a configurable option that may be toggled on/off.

Prompt for / Confirm a Tip

A new option to prompt for or confirm a tip on OTMS Accounts transactions. 

Updates to the Transactions Table / View

The transaction table now displays tips and check totals to provide more detail on each transaction. 

Currently using OTMS Accounts? Email support@onthemarksolutions.net to schedule your upgrade to V2. 

A full video demo will be available soon, in the meantime, for more information email sales@onthemarksolutions.net 


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