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OTMS Custom Reports Simphony Interface

OTMS Custom Reports was designed to ease the transition for customers considering moving from Oracle RES to Oracle Simphony POS systems. As is, the Oracle Simphony system lacks the custom reports features that were possible with RES, this solution fills that gap. The reports can be configured to your business needs as we gather the required reports specifications from our client and design the custom report accordingly. 

Reports come in a variety of formats. The printable version is designed to fit on POS check printers, while the displayable version may include visual elements such as charts and is rendered in PDF format. There is also an interactive version which includes drill-downs to summarize data in a more consumable way, making it easy for users to explore the data further. In any format something unique about this software is that the user may configure report parameters to allow for multiple selections or a single selection. This may allow for more specific reports with parameter values including Revenue Centers, Employees, Major Groups, and more.

OTMS Custom Reports also offers custom report execution permissions based on employee classes, ensuring that access to reports can be limited to specific employee classes. Report parameters can also be based on employee classes, allowing for even more customization and control over who has access to what data. Reports generated with OTMS Custom Reports offer real-time data without any latency. The reports data comes directly from the CAPS database, allowing users to view up-to-date information quickly and easily.


For more information on OTMS Custom Reports contact sales@onthemarksolutions.net


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