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OTMS Transaction Detail Simphony Interface


Legacy on-premise POS systems allowed customers to build a variety of systems based on access to the POS database.  Accounting and Audit solutions, real time alerting, data warehouse feeds, data extracts for a variety of purposes, etc. were developed by customers with the ability and desire to do so.

Moving to cloud based systems made this more complicated.  Direct SQL access to the POS database was no longer possible, and in the case of Simphony prior to the BI API becoming available the only access to transactional data was via a daily flat file export with predefined data types, or having a custom export developed by Oracle.

When OTMS first began working with casino customers, this was a gap that was quickly identified.  For one multi-location operator that had built a complex audit and accounting system based on POS transactional data this was something that they needed a solution for in order to move to the cloud.

OTMS developed a Simphony extensibility based solution that captures a copy of a POS check at the time it is closed and stores it in a local database on the workstation.  A posting service on the workstation monitors this database and posts new transactions to an aggregation server that deserializes the POS checks and posts the information to a MS-SQL database that is controlled by the customer.

This design allows for operational resilience, in that the POS checks stored on the workstations are stored in the event that the aggregation server process is not available.  So network outages don’t cause data loss.

The schema used is a flatted master->detail structure that is easier to work with than the normalized schema used by the POS itself.  Via configuration options the system can optionally capture Data Extensions added to POS checks by interfaces.  With OTMS interfaces this allows for things like identifying player ID’s associated with checks, tobacco ID verification information in Nevada, etc.

You can find a detailed document of the interface here.

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