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OTMS CasinoTrac Simphony Interface Demo

CasinoTrac is a casino management system distributed by TableTrac, Inc.. The OTMS CasinoTrac Interface connects the casino management system to your Oracle Simphony POS system. This Interface allows players to earn and redeem points via player lookup at the POS station without requiring player cards or paper comps. Player lookup is done using a player number which you can attach to a check to allow the player to earn points on the purchase. 

CasinoTrac has 3 different types of comps that can be redeemed with this system. Points are earned via slot or table play and can be redeemed anywhere throughout the casino. Comps were designed as part of the back end more as a discretionary balance for the site, left up to the individual casino to determine if it will be customer facing. FBH (food, beverage, hospitality) comps can only have funds deposited via promotions on the system and may only be redeemed at a POS station. This is a way to reward players with food/beverage credit without allowing them to spend it on gaming. 

For more information on the OTMS CasinoTrac Interface contact sales@onthemarksolutions.net


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