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OTMS Interfaces at Tulalip Resort and Casino

Tulalip Resort and Casino is a large casino in Tulalip, WA. On the Mark Solutions(OTMS) has been assisting the casino with their upgrade from Simphony First Edition. OTMS has been working with Tulalip on their Simphony integrations for years, even more interfaces were added in this upgrade, including some custom interfaces. 

One custom interface that OTMS designed for Tulalip imposes a limit on how many discounted cigarette packs tribal members can purchase throughout the day. Cigarettes are available to Tulalip Tribal Members at a discount. However, they are only allowed 5 packs per day. This validates a tribal member number and saves that information on the check, while also limiting them to 5 packs per transaction. The saved tribal info on the check gets written to OTMData and they can do analysis from there, to monitor to be sure no one is abusing the privilege.

Another custom SIM was designed for Tulalip to carry over functionality that was available on Simphony First Edition. With Simphony First Edition you could use a “reference entry required” option on a discount to allow the POS operator to swipe the player's card to record the player number with the discount. Since this functionality  is no longer available on the new Simphony platform, this custom SIM replaces it.

Other custom interfaces at Tulalip include custom SIMs for room charge and employee charge vouchers as well as a custom SIM to simplify operations in their food court. These SIM interfaces were already in use on their Simphony FE system and were simply upgraded along with their Simphony system. Tulalip resort and casino has gained many features through the use of OTMS Simphony interfaces, including some of our most popular “pre-packaged” interfaces. Find the full list of interfaces below. 

OTMS Interfaces in use at Tulalip Resort and Casino: 

Simphony Interface for Casino Market Place by Light and Wonder

OTMS Accounts

OTM Data

Room charge voucher SIM (custom)

Employee charge voucher SIM (custom)

Simphony Interface for Tribal Cigarette Tracking (custom)

SIM for Reading Player card and Applying Discount (custom)

Food Court SIM (custom)

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