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OTMS Solution for Nevada Tobacco ID Verification Law

Katie Tutt | 02 Jan, 2023 | ID verification, Nevada, Casinos |


Nevada recently added an amendment to their tobacco laws to require tobacco retailers to confirm the customer’s age by electronically scanning their ID for each tobacco sale. 

Read the law here: https://www.leg.state.nv.us/Session/81st2021/Bills/AB/AB360_R1.pdf

With most casinos selling tobacco products within their establishments this change affected a large part of our customer base. On the Mark Solutions developed a Simphony interface to scan and log age verification with each tobacco sale. The system electronically verifies an ID and notes on the check that the customer is over 21 to confirm that any tobacco items on the check may be purchased. The system will not allow a tobacco sale on the Oracle Simphony POS without the age verification. 

The system was developed together with a company that provides electronic ID verification to the casino market for casino cage and player’s club operations.  This allowed OTMS to leverage their system which already interfaced with the scanning hardware for drivers licenses and passports.  Each terminal selling tobacco product now has additional software loaded to allow interfacing with a drop in drivers license scanner and a flat passport scanner.

In the future this solution may be enhanced to support ID verification for nightclub admission or similar operations.

If you are in need of electronic age verification on your Oracle Simphony POS contact sales@onthemarksolutions.net 


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