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OTMS releases an Oracle Simphony interface for CasinoTrac

The OTMS casino management interface for CasinoTrac is the latest release of our casino management interfaces. With the CasinoTrac Simphony interface there are custom prompts for each operation in our interface making the screen more visually appealing and functional. With CasinoTrac each client will be in complete control over what is comped based on sales itemizers, major groups, or family groups. Comps can be adjusted across each player tier or card level. 

On the Mark Solutions (OTMS) worked with CasinoTrac to develop a new earning feature to allow players to earn points and comps based on food and beverage spending. The new feature developed by OTMS allows players to earn differently based on unique configurations. The system may determine which tenders players earn on, including menu items that can be earned on, service charges, etc.. This is done by looking up a player by number or swiping their player card and associating the player’s account with the POS check. Then, at the end of each transaction earnings are applied automatically. 

Casinos using CasinoTrac now have a greater ability to customize their rewards programs using the OTMS Simphony interface.


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