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OTMS developed a custom interface for Wally’s Wines to efficiently manage food and beverage inventory

Katie Tutt | 21 Oct, 2022 |

Wally’s Wines is a premier epicurean shop and restaurant originating in Beverly Hills in 1968. They have a “California-French” inspired menu of gourmet food in addition to their award winning wine list. Wally’s has expanded with additional locations over the years including a recent addition as a part of a resort in Las Vegas. On the Mark Solutions (OTMS) has worked with Wally’s for years managing their extensive wine list and inventory as well as an automated accounting interface.

The custom interface that OTMS developed for Wally’s automates creating new wine menu items in the POS system, updating prices, and reporting wine sales back to the purchasing system daily for each location to maintain inventory. Enhancements have been made over the years now allowing the interface to also manage wines by the glass and soon support for Wally’s caviar selections will be incorporated into the system.

As for the automated accounting interface, daily financial information is generated and transferred into Wally’s Accumatica ERP system to eliminate manual entry of financial information from the POS systems. This allows for accurate, up to date financial information for each location as well as the company as a whole.

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