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Gaming interfaces for MICROS POS Products have been around since the late 1990s, and back in the ‘old days’ they were generally reliable, somewhat fast, semi-flexible, and indeed quite useful. Today, OTMS offers a new generation of Gaming Interfaces, most using modern API’s provided by the Gaming System, that do not require a service host server at all.
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We have updated our OTMS Accounts interface to include new features and enhancements. This video gives you a complete demonstration of the interface showcasing features both new and old.
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The OTMS Liquor Dispensing System Interface was one of the first Simphony extensibility products we developed following the Oracle acquisition of Micros.  The interface was necessary for the gaming market as many casino clients use liquor dispensing hardware to help manage liquor costs or to track usage for taxes on comp drinks.
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The OTMS Accounts interface for Simphony was designed to provide a fully functional in-house charging program for any business using Oracle Hospitality products. We have used feedback and requests from our current customers to design a new version of this interface, OTMS Accounts V2.
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Here at OTMS we’ve been pushing Oracle/micros products to their fullest for many years. With Simphony there are so many possible paths for customisation, it can be difficult to know where to start. Simphony Styles provide a huge capability and don’t need a great deal of technical knowledge to use.
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