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About Our Company

No two businesses are alike. We don't believe that they should be treated the same either. We can assist you with developing customized technology solutions that work with your operations, rather than forcing your operations to work within the confines of an off the shelf solution.

Each organization has made decisions and investments in the direction that is best for them. These decisions mean that new technology must integrate with and extend existing business systems.

At On The Mark Solutions, we are experts in analyzing and implementing integrated systems and process improvements for organizations that are seeking long term strategic relationships with a service oriented solution provider. With our varied expertise in many different technologies, we have been able to assist many operations with creative solutions to their business challenges.

On The Mark Solutions brings to the table a wide variety of expertise. We have a diverse background and skill set that gives us the ability to comprehend the big picture when it comes to your information systems. Our proven track record of successful implementations and creative use of technology to solve problems means that we will be able to offer your organization thoughtful, independent advice.

Our Services

We are an Oracle Partner specializing in systems integration for the Oracle Hospitality products and have decades of experience with the Micros & Oracle POS offerings.

Legacy Interfaces

Many POS customers have some degree of system customization done when...

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Custom Development

Perhaps your operation needs some unique functionality that is not available in the core...

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Integration Consulting

If you have a product that you need integrated into hospitality systems the On The Mark...

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Product Development

Lots of vendors want to get their offerings into the Oracle Hospitality Marketplace, but...

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Integration Solutions

Our catalog of interfaces can enhance your POS system experience with many new features. We also provide custom interfaces to do allow your POS system to do anything you want it to do!

  • Order Status Board

    On the Mark Solutions’ order status board allows customers to know the status of their order.

  • Liquor Dispensing Interface

    The On the Mark solutions (OTMS) liquor dispensing interface allows for consistency...

  • Promotions Interface

    On the Mark Solutions’ (OTMS) promotions interface works with a promotional kiosk...

  • OTMS Accounts

    On the Mark Solutions’ (OTMS) accounts interfaces were created to provide fully...

  • Surveillance Interface

    On the Mark Solutions’ (OTMS) video surveillance system facilitates a data feed of...

  • Gaming Interfaces

    On the Mark Solutions’ (OTMS) casino management interfaces facilitate integration...

  • Resident Charging Interface

    On the Mark Solutions’ (OTMS) resident charging interface allows retirement homes and other long...

  • Digital Receipts Interface

    On the Mark Solutions (OTMS) created a Simphony interface that gives Symphony POS systems the...



On the Mark Solutions provides services for a variety of different markets within the hospitality industry. We started back in 2004 with restaurants in the US being our first customers. OTMS now provides services, solutions, and support for businesses ranging from assisted living facilities to casinos all around the world.

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Assisted Living


12 Jul, 2024

OTMS Report Desginer for Enterprise Reports

The OTMS Report Design tool can be used to design custom report templates for the OTMS Enterprise Reporting Module. For customers that use the designer add on, they will access the tool through their ...
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21 Jun, 2024

Custom Interface Enhancements

All of our OTMS gaming interfaces cover your basic needs right out of the box. They create a bridge between Simphony and your casino player management system. That connection allows you to get informa...
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18 Apr, 2024

OTMS Everi Trilogy Simphony Interface Demo

The OTMS Everi Trilogy Interface for Simphony connects Everi's Trilogy promotion system to your Oracle Simphony POS system. The OTMS interface allows you to redeem promotional coupons and player rewar...
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09 Apr, 2024

Simphony Custom Check SLU Capability

OTMS has made it possible to add all manner of custom information to a check, and use that to visualize the information on the POS for enhanced functionality like this custom open check SLU.
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02 Apr, 2024

OTMS Kiosk Package for Oracle Simphony HTML based kiosks

This kiosk package was built to support OTMS interfaces with Oracle's new HTML based kiosks. The software is essentially a "wrapper" for the Simphony kiosk which provides the connection to our interfa...
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11 Mar, 2024

OTMS developed a custom solution for alcohol control in Australian mines

The Alcohol Control interface is a custom Simphony extension application developed by OTMS for Civeo to solve a unique requirement for Australian mining operations. Mining operations in Australia are ...
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