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On the Mark Solutions (OTMS) created the Simphony interface that works with UrVenue to improve hospitality management operations. UrVenue is a company that provides real-time, multi-venue, management and operation functionalities. OTMS’s solution works with UrVenue’s software to create a variety of operational features that were not previously available. This Simphony interface keeps booking and payment processes simple and efficient in busy nightclubs, restaurants, hotels, etc..

How It Works

The Simphony interface provided by OTMS allows scanning a QR code provided by UrVenue to communicate with their back-end to handle hospitality booking and operations. Customers can book online through UrVenue systems and on the operator end they will scan the QR code to build a check on micros and enforce the business rules as set by the venue.

Operations supported by the UrVenue interface provided by OTMS include:

Adding a minimum spend limit to a check
Many high-end nightclubs and restaurants have a minimum spend limit on reservations. This feature ensures that a check cannot be closed until it meets the minimum spend limit set by the establishment.
Applying a deposit to a check
When a deposit is taken through UrVenue to secure a reservation this feature will apply that deposit to the balance due at the time of service.
Adding required gratuity to a check
With many restaurants adding required gratuity to checks, especially for large parties, this provides the option to add the amount right onto the check.
Adding menu items/service charges to a check
adds pre ordered items and applies required service charges to check.
Adding a table number to a check
This feature helps keep checks organized by labeling them with the associated table number to ensure everything is charged and delivered to the proper table.
Adding a guest count to a check
The enterprise can set the number of guests through UrVenue and the interface adds this as the guest count on the check
Dynamically add a menu item to reach minimum spend limit
When a minimum spend limit is set by the establishment this feature will help select menu items in order to bring a group up to the required amount.
Adding an admission fee to a check
In places with admission fees this operation makes it possible to include that amount on the check rather than having to complete multiple transactions.

The combination of our solution with UrVenue’s existing API makes for simplified checks and communication between patrons and management.

For more information see: UrVenue.com