Property Management Systems

OTMS offers integrations to many of the industry's top property management systems including:

  • Agilysys STAY

    • A cloud based PMS that conveniently interfaces with web reservations, booking engines, OTAs and more. Plays nicely with on-premise technologies for keys, phone, voicemail, energy management and others.
    • For more info see: https://www.agilysys.com/en/solutions/by-products/property-management/rgueststay/
  • Agilysys LMS

    • An industry leading legacy/socket based PMS offers a modern, mobile approach to managing your property with industry-acclaimed features and functionality.
    • For more info see: https://www.agilysys.com/en/solutions/by-products/property-management/lms/
  • Resort Suite

    • ResortSuite delivers a fully mobile-enabled hospitality experience that empowers guests to create their own personalized itinerary with minimal human contact for the ultimate guest experience.
    • For more info see: https://www.resortsuite.com/
  • Reel Property Solutions