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OTMS Accounts

On the Mark Solutions’ (OTMS) accounts interfaces were created to provide fully functional in-house charging programs for any business using Oracle hospitality products. This provides your business with the ability to control in-house comps with a self hosted solution managed by staff to improve efficiency. This loyalty software can be extended through OTMS custom programming to fit the needs of many different business models. Our solution allows for program rules to be defined by administrators, as well as collecting all comp information in a database for administrator review. Discounts for employees can be redeemed right at the POS workstation. The initial model of this solution is highly adaptable as far as adjusting when benefits are available, allowing for different account lookup methods (swipe, barcode, manual entry), controlling what items benefits may apply to, and more.

How It Works

There will be an admin comp tab on the POS workstation, the user will select that before entering an account number. OTMS accounts allows for the account number to be entered manually or through a card swipe. The user can then select a benefit to apply and enter an amount to charge for admin comp. The administrative web application allows configuration of granular monetary limits/sale rules so that comp behavior may be different at separate locations within the enterprise. Limits may be programmed to replenish on a given period to a specific amount, allowing daily, weekly, monthly, and unlimited comp balances. Comp history can be tracked through the web application, providing information both about the comp and remaining balance for the employee, as well as the authorizing Micros operator information.The activity of these comps can be tracked on the web app to see how much is being used and change the amount available for any specified account. Viewing the transactions gives you more detail such as where it happened, who authorized it, and the comp amount.

This solution was created with extensibility in mind. Future versions may include custom scheduled exports of Simphony information and transaction information, as well as other features that can be driven by client needs.