Liquor Dispensing System Interface

An “LDS” or Liquor Dispensing System (Examples of most common Brands we see are “Berg” and “EasyBar”) is a control system for liquor pouring in a Bar Environment. Commonly known as “Bar Guns”, these are the “guns” that a bartender uses to dispense liquor into a glass to make a cocktail. They control the pour size among other things and are used in order to standardize drink recipes and keep bartenders from over-pouring and under-charging the guest.

The OTMS LDS “client” comprises an application that is installed as a Simphony extension application, and a configuration application. The extension application is deployed as a single dll to each terminal that is to be connected to an LDS ECU (Electronic Control Unit). The ECU connects to the POS terminal via a COM port (usually COM1). The configuration application runs on the Simphony application server or whereever EMC is being run.