Perhaps your operation needs some unique functionality that is not available in the core POS system.  If you can describe what it is you are looking for, we can work with you to build your custom feature or interface.

One of our system integration specialists will work with you to take your concept to a set of requirements defining the requested functionality.
One of our senior developers (most with 20+ years experience) will work from the requirements to design an interface solution to deliver the desired solution.
Development will begin and you will get regular updates from the project manager and developer assinged to your project.  Where feasible we will demonstrate elements as they are completed
We will install the interface in one of our lab environments and perform unit testing to confirm that we have implemented the required functionality and that it performs as expected.
If you have a lab environment we can install the new interface code in that so that you can perform acceptance testing and ensure that the software is ready for production use on your system.
Finally, we will install the completed custom development project on your production system and provide go live support.  Once the software is in production use we will continue to support the software.