11 Miami, a high end night club just went live with a new minimum check feature built by OTMS


11 Miami is a luxury nightclub located in downtown Miami, Florida. They are known for their high-energy environment with many live performances by famous artists earning them a ranking on many “top nightclubs in America” lists. On the Mark Solutions (OTMS) has been working with 11 Miami on a custom minimum check feature for their club. This feature went live in August 2022, allowing the nightclub to set a minimum spending limit on table reservations that prevents checks from being closed if they do not meet the limit. 

Table reservations at high-end nightclubs typically require a minimum spend, often thousands of dollars. This new feature has the Point of Sales system (POS) track and enforce the minimum spend limit rather than having staff deal with the spending requirement manually. Since a check cannot be closed until the limit is met, the minimum spend function ensures the collection of the amount due for a reservation and makes for smoother, more efficient operations. OTMS started with a previously-created, simple version of this feature and worked with the 11 Miami management team to enhance it with custom features that they requested.

Interested in a similar feature for your restaurant or club? Email sales@onthemarksolutions.com for more information.

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