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New Product Offering: OTMS Journals

Katie Tutt | 20 Dec, 2022 |

On the Mark Solutimage(1)ions (OTMS) developed an Oracle Simphony interface to give Simphony systems the ability to have a single archive each day of journals from all POS workstations. This task is something that was standard procedure on many older POS products. Customers transitioning to new versions of Simphony now don’t have to give up the familiarity of the local journal archives or any legacy interfaces that process the journal files.

The interface is configured to export files from all POS workstations at the designated time each day. One workstation will be defined to create the journals and set to contact the server to gather data from all workstations within an establishment, resulting in one master journal archive per day. Daily journals are saved with the date in the file name for easy organization, and all checks for the corresponding date can be viewed within the files. There is an option on the workstation to manually export journals if the timed export is not complete for any reason, for example, if the system was off at the time of export. 

OTMS Journals is a great way to keep exports simple and organized. Contact sales@onthemarksolutions.net for more information.


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