OTMS deployed modern casino interfaces to improve operations


On the Mark Solutions (OTMS) worked with a Large multi-location casino operator to improve their IGT Player Management interface operations for their leased food and beverage locations. The casino operator had 4 different restaurant management companies operating 50+ outlets, all running legacy interfaces utilizing direct socket connections crossing multiple networks to different interface services in the casino operator's data centers. Converting these interfaces to the OTMS/IGT Patron web API allowed the casino operator to utilize a single secured web API endpoint rather than all the direct network connections.

The web API interface lowers IT infrastructure cost and simplifies adding new locations as well as maintenance and support. The new interface also simplifies implementation for the leased operators, as physical network security is eliminated.

The modern OTMS interface allows for additional features and functionality beyond those available in the legacy interface that was replaced.  Additional patron information can be viewed including photographs to allow identification verification as well as viewing of more information on comps. The API based interface includes the option for patrons to earn points for food and beverage purchases if casino management decides to enable this functionality.

The project improved service, reduced cost and created a standard for all future integrations.

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