Going paperless: Save Time and Money, Reduce Waste

digital receipts on iPhone

Possibly the biggest trend in the hospitality industry in 2022 is going paperless. Businesses are doing this through sending text or email receipts in place of traditional paper ones. Paper receipts are hard to keep track of and add an additional cost for the company as you have to regularly refill the materials for printing receipts. In addition to saving money, eliminating paper is also beneficial to the environment. Reducing an establishment’s paper waste is good for everyone.

Digital receipt software can be easily integrated with your existing POS system to make the transition easy for your employees and minimize cost by avoiding buying new POS stations or additional tablets. On the Mark Solutions (OTMS) provides a digital receipt interface for Simphony POS systems. This is a pre-packaged product sold by OTMS that allows the POS operator to enter a phone number or email address to instantly send a digital receipt to the customer at the time the check is closed. Additionally, the digital receipt interface may be expanded to allow for customers to opt-in to receiving marketing materials whether it be email or SMS marketing. In the future, OTMS will be releasing a rear facing customer display to allow customers to enter their own information.

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